Size guide

1. How to measure your ring size

You can download our Little Fairytale template, measure the inside of the ring and find out what size you need.

The usage of the Little Fairytale ring template is very easy: just take a ring you really love to wear everyday, print our template like explained and compare your ring with the specification on the template. That's it.

Download: Size guide

2. Paper strip & ruler: how to measure your ring size without a ring

What size do I need without having a ring with me? 

We have a very easy method, all you need is a pen, a paper strip and a ruler.

First, take a piece of paper and cut off a 8-10cm long strip not wider than 1cm.

  1. Wrap the strip lengthways around your ring finger. Make sure that the strip is not too lose.

  2. Mark the end of the overlap with a straight line.

  3. Measure the marked length. The result in millimeters corresponds to your ring size.

 For example: a length of 5,4cm (54mm) corresponds to a ring size 54.

Perform control measurements to compensate for measurement fluctuations. Repeat steps 1-3 a few times and then take the average of your measurements.